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Radio is a powerful media type which is active in a variety of venues ranging from motor vehicles, offices and homes.

Radio is commonly used as background music in retail outlets and residences and for entertainment.

You can tap into the power of radio for less than you expect!

A survey conducted by McNair Ingenuity on behalf of the Community Radio sector found more that 57% of Australians aged 15 and above listen to Community Radio in an average month. This listenership has grown more than 10% in four years

What can community radio provide my business or community group?

– Community Radio has the same power as Commercial Radio but is targeted locally
– Sponsorship Announcements can be tailor to a particular audience age segment.
– We provide a full service from contract to production of sponsorship announcements.
– Announcements can be tailored to your needs and aims.

Fine out what our sponsorship team can do for your business or community group!
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